Our Story

This Indiecords shop has undergone a long, winding journey.

It initially started with my obsession over macrame. I made a few wall hangings, weaved a few others, and then decided to try something new... so I moved on to making keychains out of rope and colorful cotton fibers. It led me to wonder what else I could make that would bring me joy.

I’ve always had a passion for creation and from a young age found crafting incredibly therapeutic. I then started looking into making scrunchies. Before that point, I hadn’t considered selling anything, but, after realizing that my schooling and boards were going to be really expensive last year, I decided to take a risk and see if I could scrape together enough money to cover those costs. 

Little did I know, that leap of faith (a year ago, this month) would lead to scrunchies, hair scarves, loads of supportive new friendships, and eventually handmade earrings.
With your help, this business has grown into something bigger than I ever imagined.

I hope that these earrings, when worn, make you feel like the confident and incredible woman that you are!

I love and appreciate you and your support more than you know.