Butterfly Signet Ring

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$24.00 USD

You've been waiting for these rings for SO long (thank you for your patience :'))

Over the past 6+ months, I've been testing the quality of these rings. I haven't removed mine to wash my hands, shower, put on lotion, work on Indiecords products, move twice, or start to renovate a house, etc. These hands work hard. My fingers have turned green ZERO TIMES from any of these rings. I've shown you guys multiple times on my stories and have shown hundreds of you my non-green fingers and perfectly shiny ring at markets and pop-up shops.


These ring sizes were selected based on the average ring size of my IG follower base. I have done several polls on stories to ask for ring sizes. Where this is a brand new product and very expensive brand new venture for me, I decided to play it safe and start with sizing that I knew would sell. Please stay tuned for extended sizing.

Material: 18K gold-plated titanium

Now, *please* keep in mind: these rings are not solid gold. If you want to preserve your ring and keep it as beautiful as possible for as long as possible please remove your ring when showering or washing your hands. Keep it away from water, cream, lotion, perfume, excessive oil, etc.