Item Care Guide

Flat Back Studs

Please review all flat back stud videos that are part of the flat back stud playlist ( ) Be sure to verify that your flat back studs are secure prior to wearing them. We would recommend verifying that they are secure often, to make sure that there is no loosening of the pin. You may need to make minor adjustments and bends in your earring pin in order to maintain a solid friction fit for your flat back stud. Do not overbend your earring or it may make the pin weak, possibly leading to breakage. Again, review the videos for more information on this! While not wearing them, store your flat backs in a clean, dry, and safe place. We will not replace lost or missing flat back studs due to lack of safe storage/ securing the stud(s) properly. Be careful when putting on/removing clothing to avoid snagging your earrings. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Since these earrings are made of either titanium or surgical steel, they are tarnish and water resistant.

General Earring Care

 Store your pieces in a clean, dry place. Store them in a way that will keep them safe from scratches and scuffs. Do not expose your jewelry to harsh cleaners or chemicals. If they get dirty, use a microfiber towel and water with mild detergent to wipe them down. Avoid contact with water. Remove your items prior to sleeping, showering, sweating, or swimming to keep them in their best condition. Allow all perfumes & lotions to dry prior to wearing your jewelry.

General Item Care

Please store all of your pieces in a cool, safe, and dry place. Do not twist, tug, or pull at your pieces, so as to avoid weakening jump rings and jewelry connections. Do not drop or handle pieces roughly. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Clean pieces with a soft cloth and mild detergent or a mild makeup wipe, as needed.

Please contact our team if you have any further questions!