Indiecords Acrylic Earring Display - Pre-order

$30.00 USD

Available Now!

This display features a stylish, solid acrylic base (the base will be clear, when you get yours) and clear acrylic sheet. There is a section for hoops as well as for studs, posts, and drop earrings.

It’s minimalistic, modern, and timeless!

Each earring holder, itself, measures approximately 6” wide and approximately 4.5” tall.

The base measures approximately 7” wide and will be 1/4” thick.

The base and sheet can be separated. There will be a thin paper layer present on the surface of the acrylic in order to keep it protected during shipping. Carefully remove paper tape and dispose of it properly prior to using your display.

*earrings displayed here are for demonstration purposes only and will not be included with each stand