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Isa Earrings in Black - - Clay Polymer Earrings

Isa Earrings in Black

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Google told me that the word ‘Isa’ is a German word for “strong-willed girl.” I like it, so the name stays.

These earrings are hand made from start to finish. The clay blends are unique to this brand and the color is one-of-a-kind. I have worked, for a long time, on finding a unique clay blend that is both strong and durable.

They are meant to be as unique as YOU are. I hope that these earrings bring you joy, happiness, and confidence!

Thanks for the love and support! I hope you love your earrings!

Please do not bend, pull on, or twist them, in order to prevent potential damage. While many measures have been taken to ensure strength and quality, they should still be treated with care and stored in a location where they won’t be scratched or damaged.

I do not accept refunds for orders. HOWEVER, if you have an issue with your order, please let me know within two weeks of its arrival date so that I can try to assist in finding a mutually beneficial solution.