Outfit Repeater Hoops

Available Now!

$21.00 USD

"Lizzie McGuire, YOU are an outfit repeater!" With earrings like these, I'm definitely going to be more likely to be accused of repeat-wearing them.

Classic beaded look, timeless 18K gold color, and simple design collide to create an effortlessly chic earring! These are going to be your new favorite staple hoops. Calling it, now!

These Lizzie McGuire movie inspired earrings are the perfect way to dress up your look for the day.

Sold as a pair.
Material: hypoallergenic 18K gold plated stainless steel

Care: These are tarnish and water resistant. However, with all items of this material, do your best to avoid contact with chlorine or salt water, cream, lotion, perfumes, etc. Rinse carefully with water and dry asap if this does happen.

Please be aware that with clicker style hoops such as this, sometimes the post that goes through the ear can get bumped slightly, reducing the secure click to close them. Please verify how these earrings will fit prior to wearing them and make sure to adjust the ear post slightly by pushing up or down on it, as needed until you hear a click (meaning that your earrings will stay shut!)